Terry Booker, Stuart Maurice & Lisa Johns

Having been interested in ‘rock n roll’ music most of my life, I was drawn to radio 90.1 NBC as a result of the kind of music it plays and in 2008 I volunteered my services part-time. I consequently trained as a presenter and now I love every minute behind the microphone.


I am also highly involved in golf but I’m still striving for the elusive ‘hole in one’.

I also have a keen interest in history and never miss the local history segment, courtesy of Brian Shaw in Thursday breakfast on 90.1.


At 90.1 NBC, I really enjoy being involved with the community and from the pleasure that comes from playing great music as well as in running my own “Sunday Sports Wrap” program.


Filling in for Paul McGrath on the Breakfast Program whenever Paul takes a break, is a great buzz for me also.

I hope the Station always keeps the same format and continues to strive for excellence in the future.


 Terry Booker, Stuart Maurice & Lisa Johns
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