Philippe Rizgalla


Born in Alexandria Egypt, Philippe was educated in the French De La Salle Colleges there and migrated to Australia in 1965.


His working life began as a laboratory assistant and diverged through relevant studies into electrical engineering where he gravitated to a position as Senior Electrical Engineer.


In 1985 Philippe became interested in radio and took up a position as a Panel Operator at 90.1 NBC FM for “The Continental Breakfast” program and started his “French Music” program in April 1986 as a presenter.


Philippe enjoys his association with 90.1 NBC FM but amongst his other interests he plays music and is an accomplished piano and keyboard player and listens to a variety of international music.


in radio, he lists among his most rewarding experiences meeting such international identities as Charles Aznavour, Sacha Distel, Demis Roussos and La Companie Creole and in electrical engineering, his involvement in the 'Olympic Figure' lighting atop of Centrepoint Tower and the Horizon Building on William Street, for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.


Philippe likes being part of 90.1 NBC FM because it is family oriented but operates as a team of professionals.

His most memorable experiences with the Station are in the live interviewing he conducted with studio guests such as, maestro Tommy Tycho, Adam Huptman, Manuel Das Neves, Linda De Suza, Joe Saade, Milko Fouceault-Larche and La Companie Creole after their concert in Sydney.


In keeping with most of 90.1 NBC FM presenters, Philippe wishes a bigger, better and brighter future for the Station as a whole.

 Philippe Rizgalla
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