Andrew Drylie

Andrew Drylie was born in Sydney and educated in both Sydney and Melbourne. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Welfare.

Always interested in radio even as a child, Andrew was fortunate enough to be involved in the test broadcasts of 90.1 NBC FM in the early 1980's and has been continuously involved since.

For many years Andrew has presented a contemporary Christian music program and has presented many fill in programs for absent presenters. More recently, he has presented programs of 60's and 70's music.

Andrew's most memorable event at 90.1 NBC FM was when he acted as the panel operator for a live to air wedding.

A dedicated volunteer and skilled producer at the station, Andrew hopes to continue in this role for as long as practicable and wishes 90.1 NBC FM every possible success in the future while continuing the excellent work that the station does for the community it serves.

 Andrew Drylie
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