John Atkinson

John is a Bankstown boy, born and bred.  He attended St. Patrick's College, Strathfield and was actively involved in all the sporting activities on offer.  He excelled in boxing and won school competitions.  John also played rugby league, was active in surfing, bush walking and life saving activities.

He began his employment in local government and eventually settled into the ambulance service where he has spent the remainder of his working life.  His concern for the plight of accident victims and migrants led him to become active in numerous community support organisations where his zeal, diligence and sense of fair play elevated him to many positions of active responsibilty involving charities, search and resue, civic activities and of course community radio.

John is well read and has travelled extensively to more than fifty countries to date and has worked and 'campervanned' throughout Australia as well as overseas.  A forthright and principled man John is committed to an alcohol-free life style.  His gregarious nature and readiness to assist where there is need, has benefitted many newcomers to our shores to settle and integrate more easily into the Australian way of life.  Beacuse of  these natural qualities John has a global
network of lifelong and appreciative friends.  We at 90.1 NBC are indeed fortunate to have John on our team. 

John's other interests include local history, model cars(of which he has an extensive collection), especially ambulances and in furthering the interests of 90.1 NBC FM of which he typically dedicates himself to the many extra-curricular activities that make a busy radio station tick.

 John Atkinson
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