Jim Kane

During those early years, Jim also developed a passion for country music and learned the guitar, developed his singing voice and spent a considerable part of his life as an entertainer on the road supporting other great acts and entertainers.  Though he still plays the occaisional gig, Jim now spends his time teaching young musicians and in passing on his enthusiasm and love of music to the next generation of entertainers.


Jim is a rabid collector of musical memorabilia; records, tapes, CDs, Videos and DVDs. His other interests involving music are restoring music equipment and guitars. Otherwise you will find him tinkering with old cars which is his other hobby.



Jim considers his greatest his greatest achievement to be his close association with other performing stars while travelling around Australia, too numerous to mention here and in being able to pass the joy of music to those he teaches.


Jim applied and was successful in joining 90.1 NBC shortly after it’s launch some twenty-six years ago and enjoys being part of 90.1 he says because, “ I get to play some of my favourite music and share it with our listeners to keep them entertained”.  “ I also enjoy being with and working with happy people who share my enthusiasm for radio and the whole entertainment industry”



Jim tells of his most memorable moment at 90.1 which was the first day at the microphone when the lighting failed and he was crawling around and checking the equipment and had to go out to his car to check on the car radio that he was actually on air!



Jim’s sincerest wish for 90.1 NBC is keep on with the same good quality music on our airwaves.

 Jim Kane
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