Michael Price

In 1993 I volunteered to answer the phones for 90.1 NBC FM and I’m happy to say that I’m still enjoying it today, but as a presenter heading up the “Fossil Rock” team and in filling-in whenever required as host to other programs.


V8 Supercars is my passion and my hobby (outside of music) is collecting die-cast model cars, particularly the super car range.


I consider myself lucky to have been able to travel the world but my greatest achievement is without doubt my family, of which I cannot speak highly enough.


As a youngster I amassed a great collection of rock music and now I get to share it with our wonderful listeners here at 90.1 NBC.  That’s what I enjoy about being part of this radio station, I get to make lots of new friends by sharing what I have loved and knowing that it’s music that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.


My most memorable moment so far, has been celebrating 10 years of “Fossil Rock” and receiving complimentary calls from our listeners, it’s been just great!



I CAN SEE THE Station going from strength to strength and topping the ratings in our category, one day.


 Michael Price
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