Simeon Georgievski

Simeon will insist that there was little time or scope for any interests in his busy life, other than music and providing for his family


A turning point in Simeon’s life however was his chance association with radio 90.1 NBC FM as part of the Macedonia Language Team back in 1997 during which time he worked enthusiastically and showed great promise. In 2003 Simeon was rewarded with his very own Macedonian language program which is currently aired between the hours of 7pm to 9pm Friday night and at 3pm to 5pm Saturday afternoon and it is called ‘Brich’.


 Simeon is well known and respected in the Macedonian community where you can sometimes hear him perform with the unusual combination of piano accordion and electric organ at family and community events.

Amongst his most memorable achievements is the composition and performance of his own works in Macedonian which has won Simeon three Folk Music Recording Awards.


What he likes about being involved with 90.1 NBC FM is the great variety of music that the station hosts and of course in being a leading foreign language presenter.


Simeon’s sincerest wish for the Station is that he can remain a presenter here for the rest of his life because as Simeon says, “I feel at home here and my wife often helps me present the program, so it is another interest that we have in common”.

 Simeon Georgievski
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